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Köberlein, Marie; Hermann, Laila; Gantner, Sophia; Tur, Bogac; Peters, Gregor; Westphalen, Caroline; Benthaus, Tobias; Döllinger, Michael; Kniesburges, Stefan; Echternach, Matthias (2022): Impulse dispersion of aerosols during playing the recorder and evaluation of safety measures. PLOS ONE, 17 (9): e0266991. ISSN 1932-6203


Lechner, Axel; Haider, Stefan P.; Paul, Benedikt; Escrihuela Branz, Pablo F. F.; Felicio-Briegel, Axelle; Widmann, Magdalena; Huber, Johanna; Stadlberger, Ursula; Canis, Martin; Schrötzlmair, Florian; Sharaf, Kariem (2022): Misjudgment of Skills in Clinical Examination Increases in Medical Students Due to a Shift to Exclusively Online Studies during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12 (5): 781. ISSN 2075-4426

Lechner, Axel; Kumbrink, Jörg; Walz, Christoph; Jung, Andreas; Baumeister, Philipp; Flach, Susanne (2024): Molecular characterization of the evolution of premalignant lesions in the upper aerodigestive tract. Frontiers in Oncology, 14: 1364958. ISSN 2234-943X


Schinke, Henrik; Shi, Enxian; Lin, Zhongyang; Quadt, Tanja; Kranz, Gisela; Zhou, Jiefu; Wang, Hongxia; Hess, Julia; Heuer, Steffen; Belka, Claus; Zitzelsberger, Horst; Schumacher, Udo; Genduso, Sandra; Riecken, Kristoffer; Gao, Yujing; Wu, Zhengquan; Reichel, Christoph A.; Walz, Christoph; Canis, Martin; Unger, Kristian; Baumeister, Philipp; Pan, Min; Gires, Olivier (2022): A transcriptomic map of EGFR-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition identifies prognostic and therapeutic targets for head and neck cancer. Molecular Cancer, 21: 178. ISSN 1476-4598


Uhl, Bernd; Haring, Florian; Slotta-Huspenina, Julia; Luft, Joshua; Schneewind, Vera; Hildinger, Jonas; Wu, Zhengquan; Steiger, Katja; Smiljanov, Bojan; Batcha, Aarif M. N.; Keppler, Oliver T.; Hellmuth, Johannes C.; Lahmer, Tobias; Stock, Konrad; Weiss, Bernhard G.; Canis, Martin; Stark, Konstantin; Bromberger, Thomas; Moser, Markus; Schulz, Christian; Weichert, Wilko; Zuchtriegel, Gabriele; Reichel, Christoph A. (2023): Vitronectin promotes immunothrombotic dysregulation in the venular microvasculature. Frontiers in Immunology, 14: 1078005. ISSN 1664-3224


Wu, Zhengquan; Lei, Ke; Li, Huaizhi; He, Jiali; Shi, Enxian (2022): Transcriptome-based network analysis related to M2-like tumor-associated macrophage infiltration identified VARS1 as a potential target for improving melanoma immunotherapy efficacy. Journal of Translational Medicine, 20 (1). ISSN 1479-5876


Zhou, Jiefu; Schwenk-Zieger, Sabina; Kranz, Gisela; Walz, Christoph; Klauschen, Frederik; Dhawan, Sharduli; Canis, Martin; Gires, Olivier; Haubner, Frank; Baumeister, Philipp; Kohlbauer, Vera (2022): Isolation and characterization of head and neck cancer-derived peritumoral and cancer-associated fibroblasts. Frontiers in Oncology, 12. ISSN 2234-943X

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