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LMU Open Access Fund

From 1 January 2022 onwards, any member of the LMU registered as the Corresponding Author of a publication can apply for a fixed grant from the LMU Open Access Fund, which is financed by the German Research Foundation, to cover the publication costs (APC) incurred in connection with the publication of an Open Access research work. In the first phase of the funding programme, applications will be limited to works published from 2022 to 2024.

LMU authors who are registered as a Corresponding Author of a publication can use the LMU Open Access Fund platform to submit the required publication details and documentation to apply for a grant.

The University Library will check the eligibility of the application, and whether it fulfils funding requirements. In the event of a positive decision the grant sum will be paid to the LMU author's research department. In addition, the University Library will make the metadata and full texts of all funded publications available for re-use in the Open Access LMU repository, thus ensuring maximum discoverability and guaranteeing the long-term archiving of the publications.

If the article is published by Copernicus, Elsevier, Frontiers, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis or Wiley, the eligibility will be proofed before invoicing via the University Library. An application for the funding won’t be necessary.

Who is eligible to apply?

All university members who are Corresponding Authors of the article or monograph for which funding is requested.

Which publications are eligible for funding and how much is the grant?

  • Gold Open Access articles, i.e., articles in purely Open Access journals. The subsidy is up to 700 euros per article. For Gold Open Access articles with a publication date of 1.1.2023 or later, the subsidy increases to up to 1,400 euros per article.
  • Open Access monographs, including collected editions, provided no other funding will be available for these publications (for example in the form of conference charges or membership fees). The subsidy is up to 5,000 euros per book.
    Dissertations are only eligible for funding if they were written as part of a DFG-funded research project.

The grants will be issued as flat rate lump sums irrespective of research fields or disciplines. Double funding is not permitted. Applications will be approved on a first come, first served basis. Once the entire funding budget for the first phrase has been exhausted, there will be no entitlement to further grants.

What are the funding requirements?

  • The applicant is affiliated with LMU, is the Corresponding Authors for the publication, has indicated LMU as the affiliation on the publication and has received the publisher's invoice.
  • The work in question must have a publication date on or after 1.1.2022.
  • Articles must appear in a journal employing a recognised and documented pre-publication quality review process. This can also include community peer review or post publication peer review.
  • Monographs must be published by a publisher or an institution employing and documenting a recognised quality review process.
  • Good academic practice must have been observed throughout the publication process.
  • The publication must be subject to a licence granting legally binding rights of re-use for the publication. The Creative Commons Licence CC-BY is recommended as the standard for articles, and CC-BY or CC-BY-SA for Open Access monographs. CC-BY-ND is also an option.
  • The publication must have incurred charges for the Corresponding Author. The publisher's invoice must be uploaded when submitting the application.
  • Without exception, the grant can only be paid into an account or Anordnungsstelle (accounts unit) of the LMU or University Clinic. Transfer to private or third-party accounts will not be possible.
  • Authors hereby grant the University non-exclusive rights to the use of their publication for the purpose of providing metadata and full texts.

What is excluded from funding?

  • Articles in subscription journals ("hybrid journals")
  • Dissertations, if they are not the result of a DFG-funded research project.
  • Non-research articles (Editorial Notes, Book Reviews, Letters, Reports, Opinions)
  • Publications in "mirror journals" (https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2019/01/24/european-commission-envoy-warns-about-mirror-journals-way-around-open-access)
  • Submission charges, page charges, colour charges etc.
  • Opt-out articles, i.e., articles that subsequently do not appear on Open Access
  • Administration charges in connection with a publication
  • Single articles in collected editions
  • Conference proceedings, if the publication has received funding elsewhere (for example in the form of admission fees or membership contributions)

How do I apply for funding for Open Access publication costs?

  1. To apply for a grant for a publication you must register once on the LMU Open Access Fund platform. You will then receive an email containing a link you can use to confirm your account. You can then log in immediately.
  2. After logging in, click on New request (via DOI import) if you have a DOI for your publication. Enter the DOI in the format "10.12345678", omitting the prefix https://doi.org/. The bibliographical data will then be filled in automatically. If no DOI is available for your publication you can enter the bibliographical metadata yourself by clicking on New request (manual entry).
  3. Under the item Doc-Type select the appropriate publication type, either Article or Book.
  4. Click on Next, or alternatively on the tab Invoice & Publication. Upload the article or book text (publisher's version) and the publisher's invoice. The application cannot be processed without these documents.
  5. Click on Next, or alternatively on the tab Metadata. Please make sure you fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk. If no DOI has been assigned to your publication, completion of the field "Official URL" is mandatory.
  6. Click on Next or alternatively on the tab Costs. Please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk.

    a. The following information is essential for booking the grant (Article LMU):
    • Anordnungsstellennummer
    • Kostenstelle
    • 1. Kontoebene
    • Empfänger
    Please ask the management of your department or faculty for these account details if you do not know them. Without this account information, it is not possible to book the funding grant.

    b. If you are employed at the hospital, Article (LMU Hospital), and the grant is to be paid into an account of the hospital, please enter the finance number (Finanzstelle) or cost number (Kostenstelle) to which the grant is to be paid. Please note that a transfer is only possible to an account of the LMU Hospital without exception.
    • Finanzstelle or Kostenstelle
  7. Click on Next, or alternatively on the tab Organisation. Enter the LMU faculty or department to which you belong.
  8. Click on Next, or alternatively on the tab Submit. You will be shown a rights declaration allowing you to grant the University Library the right to store your publication and make it publicly available. Clicking on Send document to the University Library means you agree to grant this permission.
  9. You can pause the process of entering your data at any time by clicking on Save and Return. The data you have already entered will be saved. The University Library will check your funding eligibility and inform you by email within approx. 3 working days whether your grant application can be approved.