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Behling, Franziska; Förtsch, Christian; Neuhaus, Birgit J. (2022): Using the Plan–Teach–Reflect Cycle of the Refined Consensus Model of PCK to Improve Pre-Service Biology Teachers’ Personal PCK as Well as Their Motivational Orientations. Education Sciences, 12 (10). p. 654. ISSN 2227-7102

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The publication is available under the license Creative Commons Attribution.

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In this article, we analyse how to improve pre-service biology teachers’ pPCK (personal Pedagogical Content Knowledge), professional values and motivational orientations in the field of academic and scientific language. On the basis of the theory of the Refined Consensus Model of PCK (RCM), we made a two-month quasi-experimental intervention study with 32 pre-service biology teachers. As a treatment, we trained the participants in the Plan–Teach–Reflect Cycle of enacted PCK in a school class, in the framework of a seminar. In the control group, the teaching of the cycle was replaced by presentations of their lesson plans. As dependent variables, we analysed participants’ pPCK, professional values and motivational orientations. Our results showed an increase in pre-service biology teachers’ pPCK (F(1,28) = 3.51, p = 0.04, part. η2 = 0.11, d = 0.70) and motivational orientations (F(1,23) = 29.68, p < 0.01, part. η2 = 0.56, d = 2.26) in both groups, but no effects on participants’ professional values. The teaching experience in a school class strengthened the effects both in participants’ pPCK (F(1,28) = 2.92, p = 0.04, part. η2 = 0.10, d = 0.67) and motivational orientations (F(1,23) = 7.64, p < 0.01, part. η2 = 0.25, d = 1.15). We recommend integrating the use of the Plan–Teach–Reflect Cycle of ePCK into science teacher education programmes.

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