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Wachtel, Nikolaus; Englbrecht, Marc A.; Micheler, Carina; Lang, Jan J.; Burgkart, Rainer; Giunta, Riccardo E.; Wilhelm, Christina J. (2023): The minimum required overlap length for tendon transfer A biomechanical study on human tendons. PLOS ONE, 18 (8): e0289650. ISSN 1932-6203

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The publication is available under the license Creative Commons Attribution.

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In tendon transfer surgeries sufficient stability of the tenorrhaphy is essential. In addition to the choice of a suitable technique, adequate overlap of donor and recipient tendons must be ensured. The aim of this study was to investigate the tensile strength with regard to tendon overlap of a recently published tenorrhaphy, termed Woven-Fridén (WF) tenorrhaphy, which displayed higher tensile strength and lower bulk when compared to the established Pulvertaft technique. For this purpose, WF tenorrhaphies with 1.5 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm tendon overlap were performed and subsequently tested for different biomechanical properties by tensile testing. Among others, the parameters of ultimate load and stiffness were collected. Native tendons served as controls. A formula was derived to quantify the relation between tendon overlap and ultimate load. We observed that sufficient tensile strength (mean ultimate load of 217 N) is already given with a 2 cm tendon overlap. In addition, with more than 3 cm overlap length only little additional tensile strength is to be expected as the calculated ultimate load of 4 cm overlap (397 N) is approaching the plateau of the maximal ultimate load of 435 N (native tendons).

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