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Aranda-Marco, Raúl; Peldschus, Steffen (2023): Virtual Assessment of a Representative Torso Airbag under the Fall from Height Impact Conditions. Safety, 9 (3): 53. ISSN 2313-576X

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The publication is available under the license Creative Commons Attribution.

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A fall from height is the main cause of serious injuries and fatalities in occupational and work-related accidents, especially construction. Falls from scaffolds, ladders, or roofs are very frequent accident scenarios. Especially for those falls from a height of 1 m to 6 m, the use of wearable smart airbags has been proposed to mitigate possible torso injuries. In this study, a virtual assessment of such an inflatable protector was conducted using numerical simulations and finite element human body models in order to determine its impact-protection performance under realistic impact conditions and identify its possible limitations. The findings obtained from the simulation study showed a significant protective effect provided by the airbag, mitigating a multiple rib fracture scenario and reducing the risk of internal organ injuries for those falling from four meters of height or less. The use case analyzed in this research demonstrates the suitability of using a virtual environment not only to evaluate current protectors but also to develop new protector devices, which could improve occupational safety.

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