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Vogt, Markus; Frankenreiter, Ivo (2022): Bioeconomy: The Innovative Twin of Sustainability. Sustainability, 14 (22): 14924. ISSN 2071-1050

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The publication is available under the license Creative Commons Attribution.

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With its far-reaching promise of a new synthesis of ecology and economy, the concept of the bioeconomy is a shimmering, ambiguous term in need of ethical and conceptual interpretation. The paper identifies potentials and strategies of the bioeconomy for a knowledge-based energy and raw material turnaround, which, by turning away from fossil resources, can at the same time contribute significantly to waste prevention. The focus is on ethical criteria for a responsible bioeconomy. In terms of environmental ethics, this approach has exemplary significance because it currently represents the most prominent concept for unfolding and operationalizing the innovative side of sustainability. The paper therefore argues for an expanded concept of the bioeconomy that includes the reproductive capacity of nature, for which soil conservation is a strong example. This will be unfolded with the proposal of an ethics of innovation.

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