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Kölle, Petra; Böswald, Linda F.; Brenner, Annita; Kienzle, Ellen (2022): Chemical composition of snakes. PLOS ONE, 17 (6): e0266850. ISSN 1932-6203

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The publication is available under the license Creative Commons Attribution.

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The present study was carried out to provide insight into the body composition of snakes, which is an important basis for determination of nutrient requirement and physiological processes. Carcasses of 86 captive snakes (31 pythons, 32 colubrids and 23 boas) were available for analysis. Skins and vertebrae bones of 11 snakes and livers of 64 snakes were analysed separately from the carcasses. Crude nutrients, major minerals and trace elements were investigated. The content of crude nutrients of the whole body was similar to those of mammals and birds. Relatively high contents of copper, zinc and especially of iron (up to 23,973 mg/kg dry matter) were found in the body, particularly in the liver. There was an increase of the iron content of the whole body over age.

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